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Saskatoon Home Support

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What training do your caregivers have?
2. Are your caregivers bonded and insured?
3. How are caregivers matched to clients?
4. Will it always be the same caregiver?
5. Are home care services covered by insurance?
6. If I change my mind, do I have to continue with services?
7. Is the caregiver paid directly?
8. How is billing handled?
9. If requested by a family member, how do I verify a shift was completed?
10. What do services cost?
11. Can Saskatoon Home Support help with medications?
12. What if services need to be changed or modified?
13. Who can best be helped by Saskatoon Home Support?
14. Can Saskatoon Home Support help with outings or medical appointments?
15. How fast can services be arranged in case of emergencies?
16. Is Saskatoon Home Support a franchise?
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