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Saskatoon Home Support HistorySaskatoon Home support was started in 1988 when it became apparent that the lack of assistance of the elderly, chronically ill and disabled individuals wanting to stay in their home was becoming a serious problem in Saskatoon. Joan Lidington (a registered nurse with a social worker's degree) and Dorothy Hudson (a physiotherapist) decided they had to remedy this situation and started what is now known as Saskatoon Home Support.

During the first five years, Joan and Dorothy saw their clientele rise to over 100 people in a month! As pioneers of the industry, Saskatoon Home Support was one of the first home care services to start up in the area. Saskatoon Home Support has weathered through periods of struggles and hard economic times but has come through and is approaching its 25th year!

In the course of the life of Saskatoon Home Support, Dorothy sold out her interest to Joan so that she could pursue her clinical profession. While Joan was ready to retire she had a dilemma; she needed to find the very same type of people who were passionate about providing the highest level of care for the people of Saskatoon, in order to continue with the work she had started with the company. She had worked very hard for many years to create the trusted brand of Saskatoon Home Support, so she had wanted to ensure its tradition of quality service would continue.

When Joan met Mike and Lona Finney, she had basically interviewed them to see if they were worthy enough to take over her passion. She had found that Lona had an in-depth knowledge of the health care system and clinical expertise, with 17 years of experience working within the Saskatoon Health Region. Lona's caring attitude along with her gentle demeanour would make it easy for her to create a stress free environment for families requiring the services of Saskatoon Home Support. Mike, although a silent partner, did have a genuine interest in seniors' care as he had already been for some time, a volunteer board member of Jubilee Residences (www.jubileeresidences.ca), which looks after 200 long term care beds and over 200 low income housing units for seniors. Along with that Mike was very knowledgeable of the health care system, having had 15 years of working experience as a senior manager within the Saskatoon Health Region. Together, Joan felt that they could continue the legacy of Saskatoon Home Support that she had created.

The offiial transition from Joan to Mike and Lona occurred in May of 2007. Saskatoon Home Support has continued from that period to improve their business in every way by always hiring the most personable and qualified individuals as well as ensuring the most reliable service to the people of Saskatoon. They have done this always keeping in mind the legacy that Joan had created.

Throughout Joan's life ,she has been very active in the community. She devotes her time to many worthy organizations, but her passion is her volunteer work with the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation's (www.cysticfibrosis.ca) North Saskatchewan Chapter, which she has worked for for the past 30 years. As a result of that passion, her unselfish work ethic and many other volunteer effort, Joan was recognized in 2002, when the YWCA awarded Joan with the YWCA's Women of Distinction Lifetime Achievement Award (www.ywcasaskatoon.com/wodad/).

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